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Mathematics from the Right Angle

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Structured Online Courses

Learn at your own pace with our online courses that are based on the latest syllabus for ‘O’ level Elementary and Additional Mathematics by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. Our courses are designed to help you understand the concepts behind each topic and apply these concepts to solve questions in the examinations.

Comprehensive Notes

When you sign up for our online courses, you will get to download a set of comprehensive notes that will explain each topic in detail and how they are used in mathematical problems. Practice the concepts and gauge your progress and understanding of the topic using our specially designed progressive question system.

Step by Step Short Videos

We understand that some people are visual learners and that reading may not fully translate into understanding. This is why we also have step-by-step videos where we will break down each topic and help you understand how the mathematical concepts are applied to the questions.

Online Community

By signing up for our online courses, you will gain access the Tim Gan Math online community. Our community aims to be a place where students can gather to ask questions and learn more about mathematics in a safe and friendly environment.

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About the Tutor

Mr Timothy Gan has over 10 years of teaching experience, and was previously working as a Mathematics teacher in Singapore’s Ministry of Education. His experience through the years has allowed him to understand the different difficulties faced by students in their understanding of mathematics, identify the gaps in their knowledge, and bridge those gaps by explaining how the concepts work in a simple fashion.

He is passionate about teaching mathematics and aims to help his students live up to their maximum potential through a combination of their hard work and his unique style of teaching, which involves progressive learning using detailed step-by-step instructions.

"...I thoroughly enjoyed Mr Gan’s method of teaching as he places emphasis on understanding concepts and formulas, rather than rote memorisation..."

National Junior College

"Mr Gan is a really engaging and patient teacher. Even during the pandemic, his online classes were still as clear and understandable..."

Fiona Li
Raffles Institution

"...He has a repertoire of questions that he has painstakingly sieved out for us to practice. I am so thankful to Mr Gan for his dedicated guidance..."

Lim Li Ting
Eunoia Junior College

"Mr Gan's math lessons were fun and engaging! I was able to grasp difficult concepts easily due to the explanations given by Mr Gan..."

Hannah Joshua
Anderson Serangoon Junior College

"Mr Gan is a kind, funny and passionate teacher who truly believes in getting us to understand the concept before applying it to the questions..."

Angela Ang
River Valley High School

"Mr Gan’s tuition not only helps you grasp key concepts but also identify question types and tricks and how to tackle them..."

Keynes Tay
Raffles Institution

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About Tim Gan Math Online

Mathematics is a subject that builds on itself, and even the most complex topics have a foundation in simple concepts. At Tim Gan Math, we are passionate about helping students build a strong mathematical foundation, so that they may see the simplicity in mathematics.

We believe that learning mathematics is not difficult if you understand the key concepts and how to approach questions from the right angle and our online course was specifically designed to help you do just that.

Our online courses are based on the latest syllabus for ‘O’ level Elementary and Additional Mathematics by Singapore’s Ministry of Education and will be taught by Mr Timothy Gan, a trained teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience. Mr Gan will take you step-by-step through various mathematical topics and questions and help you to understand the rationale behind why these concepts are used in each scenario.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Due to limitations of our server, we only allow users to access the Free Mini-Course for 30 days.

There are hundreds (and counting!) of lesson videos available in each level complete with lesson notes for you to download. It doesn't stop there as we will continue to upload lesson videos and practice questions to keep the content fresh and grow our library of Mathematics exercises!

To get an exclusive look at some of our lesson videos, please join our Free Mini-Course here!

Currently, we do not provide any Primary School Mathematics courses. However, we are working on it and it will be available in the near future. If you would like updates, please sign up with your email address here.

No, we do not have a refund policy as there is a Free Mini-course for you to sign up to experience our online course.

Currently, we do not offer the option for instalment payment. All payments for the courses have to be made upfront. However, if we receive a substantial amount of requests, we may make the option to pay by instalment available.

Ask in the online community! Mr Gan and your fellow students in the community will be able to look through your questions and answer them. If you are confident, you can even answer others' questions!

Of course, Mr Gan will be there to look through all the discussions and make sure everyone is right on track!


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