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Topics in the Free Mini-Course:

  • Secondary 1 E Math
    • Unit 1.1 Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers
    • Unit 1.2 Prime Factorisation and Its Applications
  • Secondary 2 E Math
    • Unit 1.1 Direct Proportion
  • Secondary 3 E Math
    • Unit 1.1 Recall what is a Quadratic Equation
    • Unit 1.2 Solving Quadratic Equation by Completing the Square
    • Unit 1.4 Worked Example 1: Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphical Method
    • Unit 1.6 Worked Example 2: Applications of Quadratic Equations in Real-Word Context
  • Secondary 4 E Math
    • Unit 1.1 Introduction to Set Notations
    • Unit 1.2 Venn Diagrams, Universal Sets and Complement of a Set
    • Unit 1.3 Proper Subsets
    • Unit 1.7 Exercise Questions 1, 7
  • Secondary 3 A Math
    • Unit 1.1 Linear and Non-Linear Simultaneous Equations
    • Unit 1.2 Polynomials and Long Divisions
  • Secondary 4 A Math
    • Unit 11.1 Derivative as a Gradient Function
    • Unit 11.2 Chain Rule
    • Unit 11.5 Worked Example 2: Problems involving Tangents and Normals
    • Unit 11.6 Practice Now Question 1, Worked Example 1: Connected Rate of Change Involving Area

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